When a decision of an investigating judge, which is not subject to appeal can be appealed

The lawfulness of the decisions of an investigating judge taken in a pre-trial investigation may be appealed in accordance with the law. Therefore, the right to appeal the decisions of an investigating judge during the pre-trial investigation, enshrined in chapter 26 of the CPC, is an important procedural tool for correcting court errors at this stage.

The procedure for exchange of electronic documents with controlling bodies came into force

The Order of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine dated April 10, 2008 on filing an electronic tax return has ceased to operate. On November 15, the procedure for the exchange of electronic documents with supervisory bodies, approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of June 6, 2017, No. 557 entered into force.

The government has approved application forms for the employment of foreigners

In Ukraine, the procedure for employers' registration of documents for the attraction of foreign specialists has been simplified.

The new regulations of the protection of rights during pre-trial investigation

The Verkhovna Rada has  supported today the introduction of amendments to the CPC, which should ensure the observance of the rights of persons who are a subject to criminal justice.

The SCU: If the owner of the property changes, the mortgage remains valid

The Supreme Court of Ukraine abolished the decision of three courts regarding the recognition of a mortgage agreement suspended through the sale of the subject of mortgage.

The absence of property rights to inherited property of a decedent deprives the heir of these rights also

The Kharkiv Court of Appeal made an interesting decision regarding the acquisition of property rights in the order of objects inheritance, which the decedent did not acquire ownership rights for.

A part-time employee has all the guarantees of a full-time employee at dismissal

The courts reviewed the case of renewal of the dismissed part-time employee.

To receive an EDS lawyers and notaries have to submit additional documents

On November 17, amendments will be lawful to the Rules of the AKСС of the Information and Reference Department of the DFS, which establishes the requirement for the submission of an expanded list of documents by persons who carry out an independent professional activity.

Judgments can not be denied unlike statements about facts

When refuting in court incorrect information, it is necessary to distinguish two concepts: evaluative judgments and statements about facts.

Tax Holidays: How to Apply

After the increasing from January 1, 2017, the minimum wage to 3200 UAH the Cabinet initiated the introduction of "tax holidays" for small to medium-sized businesses.