A fire declaration can be submitted online

Business entities will be able to submit documents for registration of the declaration of compliance with fire safety requirements online at any convenient time in the 24/7 mode.

Today is the Chinese New Year

This is the most important and longest feast in the Celestial and other East Asian countries. Unlike its western counterpart, the Chinese New Year does not have a fixed date, and it is celebrated on the second moon after the winter solstice - this year it comes on February 16, 2018 at 17:13 Kiev time or 23:13 in Beijing.

How are the powers of a defense counsel confirmed in court?

Cassation Criminal Court of the Supreme Court, having analyzed the provisions of paragraph 2 of part. 1 item 50 CPC, concluded that the powers of a defense counsel to participate in criminal proceedings are confirmed by the certificate of the right to attorney's activity, as well as a warrant or a contract with a defender, or an order of a body (institution) authorized by law to provide free legal aid.

Who can have the supplements to the pension?

The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine has approved a Scheme for determining the amount of pension allowances to which a person is entitled under the law, depending on the merits for Ukraine.

Search of judgments in the registry

To find the right judgment in the registry will be easy when using different methods. We'll describe nine ways of search, which will help to find a case on a keyword or even part of its number.

An employee at work drunk: proving in court

The presence or appearance of an employee at work drunk, in condition of narcotic or toxic intoxication, is a legitimate ground for his dismissal. Such termination of an employment contract on the initiative of the employer is stipulated in paragraph 7 par. 1 item 40 of the Labor Code of Ukraine.

In case of non-payment of dividends Article 625 of the CC is applied

All shareholders (shareholders) of the company have the right to receive part of the profit. If  it was decided at the general meeting of the company to pay dividends - the LLC obtains the obligation to pay them.

Is the bank responsible for exempting funds by fraudsters?

A person  has filed a lawsuit with a claim to a bankr egarding the recovery of unjustifiably debited funds and non-pecuniary damage.

Peculiarities of Continuation of a Childcare Leave

Under Ukrainian legislation, after the maternity leave, women may take a childcare leave till the child's age of 3. Such a leave is provided once, regardless of how many in the family are children under the age of three. Also, there is no provision for the simultaneous stay of a mother and father or another relative on maternity leave.

The government prepares radical changes in the sphere of housing rental

Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services Gennady Zubko said that currently tey are preparing changes to the Housing Code, related to the issues of rental housing.