Renewal of land lease agreement: video

The Ministry of Justice has created and presented a new video - about the features of prolongation (renewal) of the land lease agreement.


Prolongation is the extension of the term of the lease agreement on the same terms and for the same term as the parties have determined. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the tenant has a preferential right to conclude a lease agreement for a new term. At the same time, the owner's obligation to conclude a new lease agreement with the previous tenant does not apply to cases when the contract conditions are planned to be amended.

In this video consultation, experts of the Ministry of Justice explain, in particular, the following:

- the preferential right of the tenant to prolong the contract and the time for which the lessee must notify the lessor of the intention to use such a right;

- what to do in case of death of the lessor before the termination of the lease agreement;

- documents required for prolongation of the contract;

- the term during which the landlord should consider the letter sent by the lessee with the draft additional agreement, etc.

Also, do not forget that if the landlord renews the lease agreement not with you, as with the previous tenant, however, under the same conditions, you have the full right to appeal such a contract in court.