The new document verification service of BTI is launched

To prevent registration, notarial acts with real estate on the basis of false documents, the Kyiv City Bureau of Technical Inventory introduced the Document Verification Service. It works around the clock and free of charge.


The new service allows to verify the authenticity of documents produced by KC BTI, having reviewed their electronic copies through the website of the Bureau.

To use the service, you must enter a unique digital number contained in the original (paper) document.

The data was entered into the system since August 1, 2018, so it is available to check documents issued after this date.

The database will be replenished by downloading electronic copies of the documents of the "KC BTI". Including:

- information certificates;

- information about the indicators of the object;

- conclusions on the technical feasibility of the division (separation) of the object;

- technical passports for manor houses (individual) houses, apartments (rooms, apartment blocks, sections) in a residential building, garden (summer houses), garages (parking spaces), non-residential premises, public and industrial buildings.

Information contained in electronic copies of documents is provided with no personal data.

Currently, the number of requests that are opened from each IP address for a certain period of time is limited to 30.