Registering of RSOs will be based on an e-application

Entrepreneurs will be able to register RSO on the basis of the registration application in electronic form on a simplified form (without appendixes). The corresponding procedure was introduced by the order of the Ministry of Finance of September 20, 2018, No. 773.

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It should be noted, earlier, businessmen spent an average of 5 days to register a cash register. The new registration procedure simplifies this process.

The SFS creates a registry of instances of the Registrar of settlement operations (RSO) and a register of service centers that will contain all the necessary information about RSOs. This will reduce the time expenditures of the controlling authority's staff for processing documents, and the entities-owners of the RSO register them by one step in one day, submitting only one application in a simplified form.

In addition, enterprises will be exempted from filing for the registration of RSOs copies of contracts for maintenance and repair of PSOs, concluded between the manufacturer and the service centres, the company and CSO (after the introduction of the Service Centres Register). And the introduction of the RSO Registry will relieve enterprises from submitting a copy of the RSO passport for registration to the RSO.

Thus, the registers will be the primary source of information about the models (modifications) of the RSO, the producers (suppliers) of RSOs and service centres the RSO required for the registration of RSOs. The maintenance of such registers will be provided electronically by means of the SFS information systems.

Innovations will come into force after the Ministry of Finance has approved the procedures for keeping a register of copies of settlement operations registrars and a register of service centers of settlement transactions recordkeepers. At the same time, business entities will be able to submit documents electronically through the Electronic Cabin.

Note that the order and timing of applications submitted electronically will be the same as for applications filed in paper form.