An application for a biometric passport can be submitted online

A new e-service, by which citizens can submit their own personal data online for the processing of biometric documents, has launched in a pilot mode. The State Migration Service informs about this.

biometrychny passport

The new electronic service, which should shorten the time for the issuance of biometric passports, is available on the website of the State Migration Service of Ukraine and also on the Government portal in the section "Electronic services".

It should be noted that until recently, citizens could remotely register to the electronic queue for the processing of biometric documents and pay the corresponding administrative fees. From now on, the functionality has been expanded: along with the entry to the e-queue and advanced online payment, applicants can fill out an interactive form with their personal details.

After processing this information, the online service will generate a QR-code form. The QR code will contain the applicant's personal data, and the form itself will also include an exhaustive list of documents that should be kept on hand during a personal visit to the LCA unit.

Already on the spot, the Migration Officer will read the QR code with the scanner - the information will instantly get into the database. It remains only to verify it with the originals of documents.

Innovation is convenient not only for applicants, but also for civil servants. After all, the probability of mistakes is reduced because of inaccuracy and haste when the form is filled, and the time for servicing one visitor is reduced.

It should be noted that the new e-service is especially relevant now, since from October 2018 in Ukraine the changes to the order of ID-cards were entered into force: if earlier the passport of a citizen of Ukraine of a new model was issued at the age of 14, or with the loss or theft of a passport-booklet,  now it is available for everyone at his wil.

So far, an electronic service is available for processing documents in any of the departments of the migration service in the city of Kiev. However, as they promised, soon it will be able to take advantage of it for the residents of all regions of Ukraine.