The legal aid warrant does not replace the legal aid agreement, which is the basis for advocacy, but is merely a document that certifies the powers of the lawyer to provide legal assistance to the client.

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Next year, the amount of the annual contribution of a lawyer to ensure the implementation of lawyer's self-government will be set for UAH 1921 (in accordance with the subsistence minimum established on January 1, 2019).

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An order issued in accordance with Law No. 5076-VI is an independent document confirming the authority of an attorney. Therefore, in the presence of a warrant, to provide a legal aid contract, its copy or extract together with the warrant is not required.

Such a conclusion was made by the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court in its ruling of December 5, 2018, in the case No. 9901/736/18 (proceedings No. 11-989, 18).

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On October 31, lawyers of "Ty i Pravo" Company conducted a lecture "Online Justice" for students of the National Aviation University.

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