Victoria Lisnycha: "China reiterated that saw in our country promising area for investment"

Lisnycha Viktoria

Viktoriya Lisnycha, the chairman of the International Diplomatic Council in Ukraine, and co-founder of the law firm "Ty I Pravo", defending the position of entrepreneurs for many years, emphasized that the state had first of all to guarantee the security of investments and create the image of a reliable partner. Without this, the step of a rapid financial flow to the Ukrainian economy should not be expected. But in selecting areas for investment, Mrs. Lisnycha recommends that potential investors do not restrict themselves and take a closer look at projects in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

- Viktoria, how do you evaluate the results of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation in 2017?
- In my opinion, it is best described by the speech of the Vice Prime Minister of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Ma Kai, at the meeting of the Third Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation in December. "China has foreseen for cooperation with Ukraine $ 7 billion, and even more if there are successful projects," said Ma Kai at a meeting with Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

Thus, the Chinese side in turn confirmed that he sees in our country a promising area for investing. We are not limited in the choice of investment spheres, but on the contrary - they aim to create projects based on the needs of the Ukrainian market.

I agree that for Ukraine, which is in dire need of financial resources for economic development, such a strategic long-term partner is a chance to feel the firm investment ground under the feet. Although these funds are currently lacking in our economy: in order to achieve a stable economic growth, according to the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, we need to attract $ 18 billion annually. investment.

But here we see the main problem - the lack of a favorable investment climate, which gives certain guarantees to a foreign investor for profit.

Entrepreneurs and specialists are united in evaluating the situation on the investment market, calling the most acute questions: the low level of protection of property rights and creditors, restrictions on the movement of capital and currency regulation, complex tax administration, instability of the banking system, imperfect system of obtaining licenses. A separate point is the influence of the corruption component on the conduct of economic activity. And here's a paradoxical situation. In Ukraine, there are a large number of investment-attractive projects with significant growth potential and level of return on investment. There are investors ready to invest. But without a clear system of regulation of relations between the business and the state, it doesn't go further.

- You give a fairly rigorous assessment of the situation - without question, as a surgeon, talking to a patient who is seriously ill.
- Well, no wonder, I'm a doctor-cardiologist in the specialty, and the investment climate in Ukraine is just a patient who needs special attention! The profession taught me to quickly make decisions - sometimes very hard, for the sake of saving human life. But this approach is needed now and in the economic sphere - because it is about the life of a huge country, millions of people.

By the way, to consider the problem globally and without emotion, as a manager, I studied on examples of crisis managers of the world, among which was the "Iron Lady of China", Vice Prime Minister of the State Council of the People's Republic of China U I. A huge persistence, incredible charisma, vision of the prospect for many years of hard work in defending its own position and instant decision-making are just some of its qualities, thanks to which Forbes's American magazine included Ms. U I to the three most influential women on the planet for several consecutive years.

I watched in the beginning of the 2000s a system of sanitary-epidemiological surveillance was created in the PRC - at that critical moment when SARS (the virus of the notorious atypical pneumonia) broke free. Mrs. U I, while in the position of deputy prime minister, assumed the responsibilities of the Minister of Health and built an effective system capable of resisting mortal danger. A system that will not be destroyed and will work even if there is a change of power.

And it happened: And I withdrew from the leadership, and well-thought out of the mechanisms for emergencies in public sanitation work. The system of rapid response, ambulances, resuscitation service and control system of medical information is growing. Everything moves on the rising - for the benefit of people and the country. It seems to me that this is the main task of every professional policy and patriot. Everything you do - whether you take part in the major world economic summits, whether you are in the diplomatic corps, or vote for a bill in the Verkhovna Rada - from all this you have to get maximum benefit for your country. And without looking back at that, you will stay at your helm or you will go.

- Ukraine's healthcare is also undergoing a reform that has caused ambiguous reactions. The society is divided, the doctors are beating on the sound. And what are the pros and cons of medical reform you see?
- As a person, I used to act and not waste time criticizing. But in any case, I am convinced: before you invent a "bike" and lose years to check it and implement, you need to make the best use of international experience, taking into account the peculiarities of our country. This approach will help to avoid global mistakes and shocks when moving to a new system, and this is especially important when it comes to the lives and health of millions of people.

I have served as deputy director of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery for several years. M. Amosov and know the system from the inside. Reforms of Ukrainian health care is vitally needed - it's doubtless.

On the one hand, it is done so that citizens can independently choose the best doctors, clinics. But on the other hand, a reform in small settlements in rural areas can lead to disaster. It is unknown whether local health care institutions can provide themselves with paid or part-paid services in a situation where the social and living conditions of our citizens in these regions are in a very depressed state.

And here it would be very helpful the experience of China, which has been introducing a new rural cooperative health system for 15 years. It includes government subsidies, personal payments, as well as collective assistance, charitable donations. How effective it is, it can be judged at least that the average life expectancy in the Middle Kingdom has reached 71.95 years, which exceeds the world average for 5 years. It seems to me we should take that experience. Moreover, China is ready to openly share its developments in the field of healthcare - within the framework of its global initiative "One Belt and One Way".

- What else would you draw from China's health system? What mechanisms can be successfully applied in Ukraine?
- The main direction of China's health care is the prevention of diseases. That's what I would start from. In all large and medium-sized cities, a so-called quarterly network of health care services is provided, which provides preventive and comprehensive treatment, as well as wellness activities. This structure is implemented in the construction of new residential neighborhoods, taking into account the development of urbanization, structural change in the disease of the population and its aging.

Such an approach is effective in order to provide maximum assistance, saving on health care resources, but also provides for the unloading of the transport system, in particular, solves the problem of traffic jams. After all, people do not have to move around the city in search of medical care.

Another step made in the PRC before the transition from treatment to prevention, from short-term to long-term management of patients - the formation of a staffing reserve of well-trained and motivated general practitioners. They are treated and they are engaged in prevention, identifying diseases in the early stages to the occurrence of complications requiring expensive treatment and prolonged stay in a hospital. But their main advantage is that these doctors are really focused on people's needs.

- What, in your opinion, Ukraine may be interested in Chinese partners in medicine, pharmaceuticals?
- To a large extent, investors are driven by innovations and technologies, and they exist in all sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Of course, not so much as I would like. Our specialists are still in demand, and the methodology has no analogues in the world.

In particular, Ukraine is the leading developer of cellular technology in helping to overcome such a dangerous disease as diabetes. In the PRC, 12% of adults suffer from diabetes, and this number is increasing in geometric progression. In addition, residents of the Asia-Pacific region have diabetes earlier than Europeans, and the course of the disease is much more severe. The WHO is alarming, predicting that, in keeping with current trends, diabetes, which requires expensive treatment, can seriously affect the growth of other chronic diseases, including heart disease and some types of cancer associated with diet.

And this is just one of the directions. Projects can range from modern hospitals equipped with innovative equipment to specialist rehabilitation centers for adults and children with special needs, which will effectively combine the unique Chinese experience of the prevention and treatment of various diseases for five thousand years and the latest developments of Ukrainian scientists. Our countries have something to share with each other, the main thing - to act. As the Chinese say, do not be afraid to go slow - be afraid to stop.

The material was published in the Magazine "Ukraine-China"  (n5 (11) 2018).

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