The electronic form of the executive document has been introduced

Law № 797-IX “On Amendments to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine“ On Enforcement Proceedings ”Concerning the Introduction of an Electronic Form of an Enforcement Document” entered into force.

The standard land lease agreement has been changed

The Government amended the Standard Land Lease Agreement approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 220 of March 3, 2004. The relevant Cabinet Resolution of July 22, 650 entered into force on July 30.

Notary Reform: A New Concept from the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has identified strategic steps to implement notarial reform. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration Olga Onyschuk on her Facebook page.

By September 4, state registrars must connect to the means of additional identification

In order to effectively protect the property rights of citizens and business entities, the Ministry of Justice decided to connect state registrars and notaries to the means of additional user identification to perform registration actions in the State Register of Real Property Rights.

How to get information from the Ministry of Justice?

The Procedure for drawing up and submitting requests for public information managed by the Ministry of Justice or its territorial bodies has been updated.

When an attorney does not register as a self-employed person: the position of the Supreme Court

A self-employed person is considered self-employed only if he or she is not an employee.

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