Land fees: can separate divisions of a legal entity file a declaration?

According to Art. 269 TCU, land tax payers are, in particular, land owners and land users, payers of rent for land plots of state and communal property - tenants of land plots (paragraph 288.2 of Article 288 of the TCU).

Tax penalties has changed

The SFS in the Volyn region reminded about changes of penalties for separate tax violations, namely:

When can enterpreuners not pay a single tax?

Taxpayers of the single tax of groups I and II, who do not use the work of employees, are exempt from paying the single tax for one calendar month per year during vacation, as well as for the period of illness confirmed by a copy of the certificate (sheets) of incapacity if it lasts 30 or more calendar days.

From July 1, taxpayers will be notified in a new way about non-payment of Single Contribution

From July 1, 2020 in Art. 25 of the Law “On Collection and Accounting of the Single Contribution for Compulsory State Social Insurance” there will be another change concerning the procedure for sending to Single Contribution payers of claims for payment of arrears on this contribution.

Taxes on real estate alienation

The procedure for taxation of personal income is specified in Section IV of the Tax Code of Ukraine. So, according to pp. 163.1.1 clause 163.1 of Art. 163 ЕСU, the subject of taxation of a resident of Ukraine - is his total monthly (annual) taxable income.

Under what amount of income is it now possible to use the simplified system of taxation?

Tax officials in their informational list No 9, among other things, have mentioned about changes that took place in the simplified tax system since April 2, 2020, due to quarantine innovations.

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