Our team includes auditors, accountants, lawyers and advocates with extensive experience of successful protection the rights and interests of citizens and businesses in all areas of law.


Our principles are:

- an individual approach to each client,

- search of optimal ways, clarification of all possible methods for achieving the best goal,

- complete privacy.


The company "TY I PRAVO" provides a wide range of services in:


A legal support of a business

- Legal consultations, an explanation in the field of administrative, economic, labor, civil, criminal, custom, land, tax law, intellectual property rights and other issues of current legislation of Ukraine.

- Creating and signing of applications, reports, letters and other documents, that regulate relations with government and non-government bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations, including foreign or international.

- A legal analysis on the problematic aspects of the regulatory impact of normative legal acts of Ukraine on the interests of an enterprise, finding and implementation of optimal, according to the current legislation, ways to eliminate these problems.

- A legal analysis of any documents provided by the company for a legal examination, presentation of its legal conclusions on them.

- Preparation, legal examination of projects of various documents, including contracts, claims, complaints, petitions and other documents, which are necessary for conducting of financial and economic activity.

- Representation of interests and defense in dealing with all judicial, law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

- Preparation for proceedings in courts of general and special jurisdiction, namely the analysis of the legal position of enterprise, a search and an analysis of the relevant court practice, regulations of plenums, gathering necessary evidence, preparing and submitting of lawyers requests etc.

- Representation of interests of the company in relations with third parties, including participation on their behalf in negotiations, conferences and other meetings.

- Implementation of registration actions, namely a registration of statutory documents changes (changes in the membership, increase / decrease of the authorized capital, a change of a name, an address, CKEA changes, changes in the text of the Charter); a registration of changes, that are not related to changes in statutory documents (a change of the head, a change of an information about the head, a change of persons authorized to sign); obtaining certificates, extracts; preparation of documents for self-registration; consulting on registration.

- A legal examination of constituent documents, internal regulations, bringing them in line with current legislation, preparation and conducting of general meetings, development of protocols of a general meeting.

- An analysis of documents, recommendations for their use in the processing of documents and simplifying of them for the optimization of the use of labor resources.


An Auditing, an Accounting and a Tax support:

- A comprehensive verification of financial and economic activities of enterprises with quarterly provision of financial and economic conclusion where violations of accounting and tax are detailed and recommendations are given for their correction, revision and replacement.

- An audit of prior periods (in recent years, to be checked by tax and other authorities) with conclusions and recommendations.

- An optimization of economic activity and losses of the company.

- The assistance in preparing financial and other reports, applying them to the competent authorities.

- The developing on a written request all possible solutions of disputes with the authorities that execute control over the calculation and payment of taxes and fees.

- The representation of client interests in bodies that execute control over the calculation and payment of taxes and fees.

- Promoting of proper calculation and full payment of taxes and duties, preparation of recommendations on correcting of inaccuracies and violations of tax laws of Ukraine.

- An evaluation of tax risks and possible negative consequences in the case of unpatched inaccuracies or violations of tax laws of Ukraine.

- An assessment of tax implications by contracts and prevention of unwanted tax consequences, searching options for tax optimization of transactions with counterparties.

- A provision of minimization of a risk of an additional calculation of tax obligations and a prevention of illegal actions of tax authorities.

- An assistance in the preparation of tax returns for reporting periods, including an assistance in the preparation and submission of tax returns to authorities, that exercise control over a calculation and a payment of taxes and fees.

- A participation and a representation of the client in checking by the tax authorities and representation of his interests in bodies that exercise control over the calculation and payment of taxes during a routine check and / or a documentary unscheduled inspections and / or a documentary off-site inspection and / or an actual verification.


Adjusting the labor legislation and a labor safety:

- Consulting on norms of labor legislation, including the procedure for an acceptance and a dismissal from work, the order of granting leave and so on.

- Preparation, examination of labor contracts, contracts with employers of companies and / or employing civil law contracts with individuals.

- Preparation of an internal labor documentation of the company - collective agreements staffing, position on units and services, development of job descriptions etc.

- Consulting labor protection at the enterprise..

- Legal audit of internal documentation on labor protection.

- Advising on the establishment and operation of services labor protection at the enterprise.

- Providing oral and written answers on labor protection.

- Development of projects of the necessary documents: orders, regulations, instructions, rules, schedules, journals, protocols, plans and other documents required by the legislation of Ukraine for labor protection.

- Organization of briefings on labor protection, methodical examinations, studies.

- Obtaining permits for performance of works of increased danger and operation of equipment of increased danger as well as other permits and approvals in the field of labor.

- Preparation the company to inspections by controlling authorities in the field of labor.

- Consulting in case of occupational accidents.

- Representation of interests in solving labor disputes in court.


An Attorney protection, the representation and a legal aid in criminal proceedings:

- The implementation of protection of a suspect, an accused, a convicted, an acquitted, the person who is expected for an application of compulsory measures of medical or educational nature, or the question of their use in criminal proceedings is solving.

- Representation of rights and obligations of a victim, a civil plaintiff, a civil defendant in criminal proceedings.

- Providing a legal assistance to the witness in criminal proceedings

- Studying extracts from the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations, materials of the criminal proceedings, a procedural decision of the investigator, the prosecutor and the expert opinion.

- Analysis of the legality of the use of measures of ensuring the criminal proceedings (call by the investigator, the prosecutor and the drive, imposition of monetary penalties, temporary restriction in the use of a special law, removal from office, temporary access to objects and documents, temporary seizure of property, arrest of property, detention of a person) and precautions (personal liability, personal surety, bail, house arrest, detention) and their appeal.

- Participation of an Attorney during interrogation, legal assistance during any investigative (detective) action.

- Providing legal information, consultation and clarification of legal issues in criminal law and procedure.

- Preparation of applications, complaints, petitions, procedural and other legal documents in criminal proceedings.

- The accession of evidence to the criminal proceedings, organizing and conducting additional assessments, development of strategy and tactics of protecting the interests of the client at all stages of criminal proceedings.

- Forming correct tactics of a customer behavior in relation to the law enforcement and a court. The development of the legal position and strategy of customer behavior in court, which will provide the best result for the client.

- A provision of an appeal and a cassation of court decisions and sentences.

- Preparation and submission of an application for reconsideration of decisions in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

- Preparation and submission of an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

- A comprehensive protection of the rights of the convicted after trial.



Our company is specialized in the translation of documents, including legal and audit, into English, Chinese and other languages. Long experience of our translators will make you sure about the quality services at extremely short terms. Interpreters work on a written translation of specialized and relevant documents, as well as on interpreting in business negotiations, meetings and other events, participate in the processes that need a translation, such as notarization of translations etc.


A Notary support

In order to optimize a provision of services and to save time for our customers, Company "Ty i Pravo" cooperates with notaries, who provide professional assistance in the preparation of necessary documents, ensure proper registration and confirmation of rights, a legal purity of agreements and professional guarantees. The experts we cooperate with, have an operational efficiency of their work and a full list of notarial services.



Here you will always find a reliable comprehensive support and a high quality of an assistance.