Key changes in land use registration

The Law of Ukraine № 340-IX “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Combating Raids” changed the peculiarities of regulating public relations related to land use, namely the right to lease, emphyteusis and superficies.

Forced labor: can an employee be denied in dismissal?

According to the provisions of Article 43 of the Constitution of Ukraine, everyone has the right to work, which includes the opportunity to earn a living by work which he freely chooses or freely agrees to.



Transfer of funds in advance or by deposit: what are the features?

When concluding any contract of sale, it is necessary to pay attention to the form in which the prepayment will be made: in the form of a deposit or advance, as these forms of prepayment differ in the consequences that occur in case of breach of contract.

When does the guarantor's liability under the surety agreement not come?

Changing the terms of the loan agreement without the consent of the guarantor is the basis for the release of the latter from joint and several liability.

Going on vacation abroad: instructions for Ukrainians

Ukraine opened its air borders on June 15, and some countries did the same before or after that date. Many Ukrainians, feeling weakened in the field of quarantine travel, immediately began to pack their bags and look for affordable tourist destinations.

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