Illegal drawing up of administrative protocols is the basis for bringing to administrative responsibility and collecting moral damage, - the Supreme court

The Supreme Court overturned the unfounded decisions of the courts of previous instances that refused to restore the violated rights of a person who had been illegally brought to administrative responsibility.

Proportionality of Legal Aid Costs: The SС named the criteria

The party applied to the Supreme Court for reimbursement of legal aid costs in the Court of Cassation. To confirm the costs in the specified calculation of UAH 26,500, the party provided a copy of the agreement on the provision of legal (legal) assistance, with subsequent changes.

The exclusion of a participant from a limited liability company by a court is an interference in the economic activity of the latter

The legislation of Ukraine does not provide such a type of corporate liability for non-performance (improper performance) by the participant of its obligation to make an additional contribution to the authorized capital of the company, as the exclusion from the company.

Extended procedural terms during quarantine will end in 20 days

Today, on July 17, the Law № 731-IX on the expiration of procedural terms during quarantine comes into force.

CСC of the Supreme Court joined the "electronic court" and "electronic cabinet"

On July 1, the Commercial Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court joined the local and appellate courts, as well as the Administrative Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court, which are already connected to the subsystem "Electronic Court" and "Electronic Cabinet".

Procedural rules of procedure: changes are possible

On May 13, the Verkhovna Rada approved as a basis Bill No 3383, which amends the Code of Economic Procedure, the Code of Civil Procedure and the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine regarding the procedural terms during quarantine.

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