The grounds when the employer may withdraw the employee from the annual leave are provided in Part 8 of Art. 79 Labor Code and Part 3 of Art. 12 of Law No. 504 ("On Leave").

It is worth knowing that under Ukrainian law, an employee may not be deprived of full-year (basic and additional) annual leave for two consecutive years (Part 4 of Article 80 of the Labor Code, Part 5 of Article 11 of Law No. 504).

The limited liability company appealed to the Commercial Court against the other two companies for invalidation of the contract concluded between them for the purchase and sale of non-residential premises. In support of the claims, the LLC relied on the non-enforcement of the court decision according to which one of the defendants in the claimant's favor was charged a certain sum of money.

According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, namely: item. 170.2.2 of Art. 170 of the tax code, investment income is defined as the difference between the income received by the taxpayer from the sale of an individual investment asset, taking into account the exchange rate difference (if there is any), and its cost, determined from the amount of documented expenses for the acquisition of such an asset (excluding derivative transactions).

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine changed the procedure for submitting information to the bodies of the State Tax Service. This is envisaged by Government Decree No. 61 of January 29, 2020, which came into force on February 8.

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