1. An application on annual vacation (download)

2. An application on additional leave for training (download)

3. An application for delayed wages to the State Inspectorate of Labour (download)

4. A statement of claim establishing the fact of being employed (download)

5. A statement of claim for the recovery of accrued but not paid wages (download)

6. An application to the shopkeeper for returning the good of appropriate quality (download)

7. A statement of claim for alimony (download)

8. An application for a court order (download)

9. A request for calling witnesses (download)

10. A request for the proceedings in the absence of the person (download)

11. An application for a civil case for review (download)

12. An application for a copy of court proceedings record (download)

13. An application for a copy of the judgment (download)

14. An application for a writ of execution (download)

15. An application for the writ duplicate of execution (download)

16. An application for an opening of enforcement proceedings (download)

17. A complaint against attorney’s inaction (download)

18. A complaint to the Inspectorate for consumer protection (download)