The third issue of the magazine "Ukraine-China" was presented in Kyiv


On December 12, our company "Ty i Pravo"  together with the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists and with the participation of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, presented the third issue of the "Ukraine-China" magazine. The issue is devoted to the forum of strategic partnership "One Belt, One Way ".

As the president of the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists, Editor-in-Chief of the magasine Victor Kiktenko noted, there were important events for the development of the Ukrainian-Chinese partnership this year.

"In May this year, there was a high-level meeting devoted to the strategic project "One Belt, One Way" in Beijing and, in my opinion, a major event-the XIXth Congress of the Communist Party of China, which showed plans and projects for the construction of socialism with Chinese specificity in a new era"- Viktor Kiktenko said.

According to him, China has actually become the driver of globalization, and the events taking place in it, affect nowadays the whole world.

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The first secretary of the Chinese embassy in Ukraine, Zhang I, emphasized that the prospect of a mutually beneficial Ukrainian-Chinese partnership is well outlined in this edition of the magazine.

"I would like to advise all readers to read the report of the Chairman of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jin Ping, and Prime Minister Lee Ketsian during the summer and winter economic forums in Davos. These reports reflect the vision of the Chinese government for the further development of the second economy of the world, as well as the possible challenges that concern not only China, but also all countries of the world, as well as the vectors for the development of foreign policy and the economy of China, their view of the development of society in a global plan ", -  Zhang I emphasized.


Victoria Lisnycha, a co-founder of the company "Ty i Pravo" and the magazine "Ukraine-China", pointed out that Ukraine has the potential to become a big strategic partner of China, and close economic cooperation will allow successful projects to be implemented.

"I am convinced that in a few years Ukraine will be a big strategic partner for China. Today we see that China comes to the Ukrainian market. The sector of infrastructure, the agricultural sector and the energy sector are the most advanced in this direction", - Lisnycha said.

Also, Victoria Lisnycha maintained the importance of developing a good legislation in the approach to investment relations between the two countries. Collaboration in this direction will open up more opportunities and will allow  to see the great results of cooperation between states in the future.


More details about the peculiarities and prospects of Ukrainian-Chinese relations can be found in the PDF version of the magazine, which is available for download at the link. 

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