"Ty I Pravo" Leninskyi Group and "Ader Haber" announced cooperation in order to develop business in Ukraine and for mutual growth


"Ty i Pravo" Lenivsky Group and "Ader Haber" started cooperation for working with foreign individuals, foreign companies and their representative offices in Ukraine. The priority direction of cooperation is work with Chinese companies in Ukraine.
Thanks to the partnership established, "Ty i Pravo" Lenivsky Group and "Ader Haber" will be able to conduct joint activities to provide legal services to implement projects of any complexity by representatives of the Chinese and, in general, international business.
This will, in particular, allow the exchange of information, experience and resources for the effective and comprehensive performance of their clients' responsibilities.
In particular, companies have already begun joint work on providing consulting services to the Chinese company State Grid International Engineering Limited., LTD in order to implement the project in the energy sector of Ukraine.

Lenivski Ruslan

Ruslan Lenivsky, founder and president of "Ty i Pravo" Lenivsky Group : "The cooperation of two rugged and talented teams is an opportunity for joint growth to provide better service to our clients in practices where we are traditionally strong. In addition, such an approach is able to realize the main goal of a client-oriented law firm: not only to satisfy the client's request, but also to anticipate its real needs, to solve all issues in a comprehensive manner. Thanks to such a business solution, the client will see in a law firm a partner who tries to positively influence the development and security of his business".

"Ty i Pravo" Lenivsky Group and "Ader Haber" for a long time provide legal services to a wide range of international companies in Ukraine and have a unique experience for the Ukrainian market with the support of investment and business projects.

Such cooperation between the two legal giants will facilitate the expansion of the list of services to be provided to foreign clients in Ukraine, and, in addition, will increase the security of doing business in the country.


Yuriy Petrenko, founder and managing partner of Ader Haber: "The format of legal practice of a certain specialization for today is no longer able to resolve all client issues. Therefore, the law firm's proposal for business should be a comprehensive solution that brings together legal advice from different legal professions, sometimes involving unskilled professionals, such as economists or analysts. I am convinced that the joint work of specialists of different sections in the direction of the most important task - solving the Client's problem is the right way to develop legal services for business in Ukraine".

In the process of fulfilling the stated common goals, the parties will strive to build their relationships on the basis of equality, honest partnership and protection of the interests of the client.

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