Save a Baby's Life!"

tuipravo charity

Lawyers Association "Ty i pravo" Lenivskyi group" together with the Chinese Commerce Association and the Chinese companies "Lenovo", "Honghua", "COFCO Agri", as well as "The  Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development" transferred funds for the purchase of medical equipment for the Center catamnestic observation on the basis of the "Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology named after Academician O.M. Lukyanova NAMS of Ukraine" in Kyiv.

The received aid will be directed at the purchase of medical equipment for a specialist center for the help of newborns from high-risk groups for the development of disability or with chronic diseases, as well as for children with consequences or threat of perinatal pathology (premature births, with birth defects, severe infections, maternity injuries, etc.).

In China, as in Ukraine, it is said that children are flowers of the whole world, regardless of their nationality, place of birth or something else. And our common task is to save them.

We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the improvement of the conditions at the Institute for the care of our newborn babies and the creation of opportunities for their healthy lives! Good starts with each of us!


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