The members of the Company may contribute their property to the authorized capital of the Company. However, if in the future such a participant wishes to return the contributed property, he will have to choose the best option for such a return, depending on the duration of the return process and the possible tax consequences.

Changing the terms of the loan agreement without the consent of the guarantor is the basis for the release of the latter from joint and several liability.

In order to effectively protect the property rights of citizens and business entities, the Ministry of Justice decided to connect state registrars and notaries to the means of additional user identification to perform registration actions in the State Register of Real Property Rights.

Ukraine opened its air borders on June 15, and some countries did the same before or after that date. Many Ukrainians, feeling weakened in the field of quarantine travel, immediately began to pack their bags and look for affordable tourist destinations.

Law "On Holidays", namely Part 4 of Art. 24, provides for the right to replace part of the annual leave with monetary compensation at the request of the employee. However, the duration of annual and additional leave granted to an employee shall not be less than 24 calendar days.