Granting an additional term for inheritance, the court must investigate whether the notary public acted to announce the inheritance, or summoned the heir, including through public announcement or press release.

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The SFS reminded the features of taxation and declaration of income from inheritance received from relatives.

For example, if an individual has inherited from his father / mother, grandparent real estate, - income in the form of the value of this property is not taxed.

That is, the objects of the inheritance inherited by the members of the family of the decedent of the first and second degrees of kinship are taxed at the zero rate of income tax of individuals. In this case, the members of the family of an individual of the first degree of kinship are his parents, husband or wife, children, including adopted. And family members of an individual of the second degree of kinship are her siblings, her grandmother and grandfather on the part of the mother and father, grandchildren.

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The Notary Chamber of Ukraine issued an educational video about inheritance features created within the framework of the project "Notarial face to people".

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First Deputy Minister of Justice Olena Sukmanova denied the false information that from November 1 it would be impossible to issue an inheritance and to conclude a donation contract.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018 08:18

Legacy process: explanation of notaries

To obtain the certificate of the right to inheritance it is necessary to collect a certain amount of information about the inherited property from different institutions: BTI, State Land Agency, the Pension Fund, tax, appraisers, etc., - they explain in the Notary Chamber of Ukraine.

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According to the legislation of Ukraine, agricultural land can only be owned by citizens of Ukraine or legal entities of Ukraine (established by citizens of Ukraine or legal entities of Ukraine).

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