Bill on online registration of residence: major changes

On October 18, the Verkhovna Rada registered the bill number 9218 "On freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence in Ukraine", which changes the rules of registration.

rejestracija misca prozhyvannia

According to the document, the declarative principle of registration of the place of residence of the person is introduced. In order to register or withdraw the registration of place of residence, you will need to file a statement of claim. Notes to passports on the place of residence will not be mandatory and will be carried out on request.

At the same time, the authors of the bill expanded the ways of applying for services: the declaration can be filed in any registration body or CPCA (not only at the place of residence as it is now), as well as via the Internet or by mail.

There is no provision for the creation of any additional (new) registry with the data on the residence of the person: the registries of the territorial communities will use the same local database addresses, which are now used by the registration authorities.

However, paper workflow is canceled; eliminates the need to provide citizens with information about the place of residence or the composition of the family; the possibility of duplication of registration in various registries of territorial communities is excluded; the residence information will be valid at the time of its request.

It should be noted that not all residence registration will be verified, but only about 0.32% of registered. To do this, you need to submit documentary data in person, in electronic form or by post, or to specify the enterprises, organizations and institutions where the registration authorities themselves will request the necessary information. In addition, a person has the right to provide data at his own discretion.

Only the following will be able to initiate a confirmation by a person of his residence:

- the owner of the dwelling and the person living in the dwelling;

- bodies of state power or bodies of local self-government, which have documented information that the person does not live in dwelling;

- school management in case when candidates wishing to take first class are more than the school can accept.

 In addition, a mechanism for combating mass registration at one address is introduced. So, if using software reveals that more than 3 families are registered at one address, such registration is temporarily blocked until the confirmation of the fact of residence.

It is worth noting that all the facts of registration are necessarily to be told to the owner of the dwelling and the persons living in the dwelling.

Also liability for submission of false information at the time of registration is provided - a fine of 850 - 1700 UAH, repeatedly - 1700 - 3400 UAH. At the same time, this does not apply in case of a person's residence in a place other than that registered.

The bill is designed to protect the rights of homeowners. In particular, for a law enforcement officer or an executive service, the fact of registration of a person in a dwelling without other evidence of its residence in it is not the basis for procedural actions, such as search or seizure of property, if the owner of the dwelling or other co-residents denies the fact of residence of the person.

The document also establishes the possibility during the state registration of a child to receive comprehensive services for registration of the place of residence, determination of the child's right to the citizenship of Ukraine, the assignment of a unique number to him from the Uniform State Demographic Register and so on.

It is assumed that the law will come into force in stages. Firstly, from the day after the publication,  provisions for the development of subordinate acts and the formation of registers of territorial communities will come into force. Six months after the date of publication of electronic applications, children under the age of 14 will be registered and the administrative fee for the first registration of the newborn's place of residence will be canceled. At the same time, the above-mentioned "integrated" services will be earned during the state registration of the birth of a child.

The entire law will come into force (in case of adoption of the bill) from 1 January 2021.


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