The Cabinet of Ministers set new rules for evacuation of cars

On Wednesday, November 14, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the order of detaining of cars by parking inspectors, as well as the procedure for informing drivers about the violations of the traffic violations.

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It should be noted that, despite the fact that the new parking rules came into force on September 27, there were still no mechanisms that would allow the implementation of all parts of the law.

The Cabinet resolutions will be put into effect after being published in official issues. Only after that, the police and inspectors will be able to issue fines and evacuate cars parked with violations.

In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers decision of November 14 stipulates that if transport is significantly impeded by road traffic or its safety, parking inspectors are authorized to detain and deliver cars to tow trucks for special parking.

To do this, after calling the tow truck, an inspector in the presence of two witnesses and the driver of the tow truck will make an act of inspection and temporary arrest of the car.

The act mustl indicate the date, time and place of detention, the inspector's data, type, mark, vehicle license plate, visual defects, as well as the data of enterprises that carry out transport and storage, and the address of the site where the car will be stored.

Please note that the Order has established that when detained, the vehicle inspector is required to take pictures or take pictures on video of the placement of transport. During the day, the material shot should be entered in the register of administrative violations in the field of road safety.

If a driver was present and could eliminate the violation, the transport would not be delayed, however, an administrative offense would be issued.

Upon delivery of the vehicle to the place, the inspector must immediately inform the relevant units of the National Police about this fact, post the information on the detention on the site of the executive body, and also send the corresponding message to the mobile number and e-mail indicated by the person at the registration of the transport.

One can return a car only after payment of an administrative fine, the cost of delivery and storage.

In addition, we remind you that soon the photo and video fixation of a violation of the traffic rules will be put into operation. So, from December 17, the SSTU will come into force on the video recording of violations. After that the data obtained with the indicated devices can serve as an evidence for bringing the perpetrators to justice.


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