The online registration of SIM-cards became accessible to Ukrainians

Subscribers who use mobile communication in Ukraine can now register at the operator by submitting an electronic or written application. This rule applies to all subscribers, including those who use mobile services not under contract. The relevant decision of the NCCR of November 28, 2017 No. 607 came into force.

What can this give to a subscriber?

First, after registration, a subscriber retains the right to receive from the operator all information about the provision of telecommunication services to him. Details of the subscriber (contact number, name and surname) can be placed in telephone directories and databases of information and reference services, but only if the subscriber has agreed to publish such information.

In addition, a subscriber will be able to save their number even by switching to another operator - from May 1, 2019. We remind that since then  the service of transfer of the number - for registered subscribers and subscribers under the contract is provided in Ukraine,

How to register a SIM card?

Option 1. Submitting the application in writing. To do this, along with the application in the mobile operator's department, you must present a document that identifies the person. Next, you will need to provide your SIM-card (USIM-card or R-UIM card) for verification or to give a one-time password sent by the operator, the provider of telecommunications to the subscriber number.

Option 2: Submit an application online. To do this, you need to fill out a statement template in your personal account on the operator's site or in the mobile application. You may need to go through the identification using EDS or BankID.

What information will the statement contain?

For individuals it is the name, the residence information, the series and passport number (or identification number), the subscriber number or IMEI phone number or the personal account of the subscriber (for contractors).

For legal entities it is a name, location, EDRPOU code, subscriber number and IMEI-code of the phone or personal account of the subscriber.

How much does it cost and last?

Upon receipt of the application within one working day, all information will be entered into the database, and the subscriber will receive a notification about the registration. Subscriber registration is free of charge.

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