What is an E-cabinet for citizens?

For individuals, online services from the SFS are integrated into a separate E-cabinet for citizens.

Today, the e-cabinet provides the following opportunities for citizens:

- access to registration data and data on objects of taxation (movable and immovable property, information about which comes to the SFS from the corresponding registers of other state bodies);

- access to the generated tax returns - decisions on amounts of accrued tax liabilities on immovable property tax other than land, transport tax and land fees;

- submission of a declaration of property status and income;

- receipt of information about the amount of paid income and withheld taxes from the State Register of Natural Persons - taxpayers.

In addition, through the "State of settlements with the budget" mode, individuals can pay taxes, fees, payments by choosing from one of the payment systems.

We remind that access to the E-cabinet for citizens after the passage of electronic identification of individuals and officials (authorized persons) of state bodies, local authorities, other bodies, enterprises and organizations.

E-cabinet for citizens is available by the link.

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