A land plot can be registered online

On March 19, the Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 710 which introduced a number of changes in the procedure for conducting and obtaining access to the State Land Cadastre, entered into force.

So, from now on, online monitoring of all types of applications that are being processed in the State Land Cadastre will work. This will enable the applicant to monitor the state of readiness of the required documents and receive up-to-date information on the possibility of obtaining them at the appropriate CPAS (Center for the provision of administrative services). In addition, it will ensure non-violation of the state registration of land plots.

In order to find out the result of a particular treatment, you need to search on the website for:

- registration number of the application;

- the cadastral number of the land plot;

- the registration number of the State Land Cadastre;

- the number of extraction, copying or reference from the State Land Cadastre.

It is assumed that the status information for each treatment will be updated daily, indicating the date and time of the last update.

In addition, the online registration of land plots has now become available. From now on, individuals and legal entities wishing to register a land plot will be given the opportunity to submit a relevant application and the necessary documentation through the developer of such documentation, that is, a certified land surveyor engineer. You can do this electronically using an electronic digital signature of such a certified land surveyor.

Also, the procedure of state registration of a land plot taking into account the principle of extra-territoriality in the provision of the relevant service is simplified, the reasons for the need for repeated appeals of individuals and legal entities with applications and documents through the centers of rendering administrative services to state cadastral registrars are eliminated (in the event of errors, the need for certain clarifications ), and as a result, the extra costs of material resources are reduced. At the same time, it is still possible to submit relevant documents for entering information into the State Land Cadastre to the State Cadastre Registrar.

Finally, the time period for ricotting from the cartographic basis of the State Land Cadastre, the cadastral map, is updated - it is 3 working days from the day of receipt of the application for information from the State Land Cadastre. In order to get a copy, it's enough to go through the identification using an electronic digital signature or other alternative means of identifying the person (let's say, only a limited list of people had such a right before).

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