The SFS explained the procedure for opening accounts to non-residents

After the enactment of the Laws of Ukraine dated May 15, 2018, No. 2418-VІІІ "On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine Concerning the Promotion of Foreign Investments," and No. 2473-VIIIІ of June 21, 2018, "On Currency and Currency Transactions" - legal entities - non-residents acquired the right to open accounts in banks of Ukraine.

On this occasion, the Office of Large Taxpayers of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine clarified the procedure for opening accounts to non-residents in financial institutions.

In particular, the registration of a foreign company, an organization that plans to open an account in a bank or other financial institution in Ukraine and which does not have property rights to real estate and land in Ukraine, is carried out at the supervising office at the location of a bank or other financial institution on the basis of the submitted to such the body of documents.

When registering in the controlling body, a foreign company is assigned a registration number and issued a certificate of registration of the taxpayer, the details of which are not subject to inclusion in the Unified State Register, in the form No. 34-OPP, in which after the line "(name and code of the controlling body)" it is indicated "as a foreign company that plans to open an account in a bank".

To open accounts for legal entities-non-residents and representative offices of legal entities-non-residents in Ukraine, banks will ask to submit a copy of the document on their registration in the controlling bodies.

In addition, the bank is obliged to send a message to the relevant supervisory authority on opening a customer's bank account of a taxpayer and to conduct expense transactions on the account of such a client in accordance with the procedure stipulated in art. 69 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.

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