Launch of the updated USR: the registry will not work from August 7 to 16

From August 5 to 16, 2020, the commissioning of the new Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations (USR) continues in Ukraine.

As  Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration Olga Onishchuk commented, the update of the USR software was to take place on January 1, 2016, after the entry into force of the new version of the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individuals - Entrepreneurs and Public Associations", but its update started just now.

The main advantage of the new register is that it is more secure in terms of registration actions and almost completely prevents any unauthorized interference in its operation. The USR provided a number of anti-raider safeguards, including: the need to confirm transactions in the system using a qualified electronic signature, protection of the system from interference in case of remote control of the registrar's workplace (automatic exit in case of suspicious user actions), etc.

The functionality of the registry has also been improved. In particular, the new version of the USR provides the following options:

- free search for information according to a separate unit of the legal entity;

- making changes to the information about the legal entity in one stage (without technical actions);

- accounting of family farms and an additional feature of the creation of such farms;

- automatic data update;

- a separate block for entering information about the ultimate beneficial owners (now such information is entered by state registrars in any form);

- electronic address directory, which allows you to choose street names from an automatic list (today the registrar sets the address manually);

- the ability to enter information on applications for copies of documents from the registration file, forming the appropriate requests (such functionality in the previous version of the USR was not at all);

- creation of new printed forms of documents (application, decision to refuse) and updating and standardization of existing ones (extract, extract, etc.);

- PDF format for scanned copies of documents (previously, the USR software only supported the TIFF image format).

From 7 to 16 August 2020, when data from the old register will be transferred to the new one, only the following actions will be available to users:

- service in the form of the USR API;

- free access to USR information service (

Thus, during this period it will be possible to continue to receive information from the USR on legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs and documents as a result of the registration action.



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