Tuesday, 12 May 2020 08:49

Taxes on real estate alienation

The procedure for taxation of personal income is specified in Section IV of the Tax Code of Ukraine. So, according to pp. 163.1.1 clause 163.1 of Art. 163 ЕСU, the subject of taxation of a resident of Ukraine - is his total monthly (annual) taxable income.

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The procedure for providing information from the State Register of Real Property Rights to Real Estate has been changed - the relevant changes came into force on July 23.

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On March 11, two authorized property valuation sites (ОЦІНКА.online and ПРОФЕСІЙНА ОЦІНКА) announced an increase in the cost of services, on average, by 40%.

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If you are ahead of a sale of real estate, its alienation or other real estate transactions requiring a mandatory notarial certificate, you will need an independent assessment of housing. Such a conclusion on the value of the property is required by a notary public to calculate the tax during the state registration. 

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