Notary Reform: A New Concept from the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has identified strategic steps to implement notarial reform. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration Olga Onyschuk on her Facebook page.

Implementation of the reform involves three strategic steps:

✅ The first step will be an introduction of an electronic notary system. A large-scale digitalization of notarial activities, in particular, provides:

✓ refusal to keep paper books of accounting of the notary's activity;
✓ reducing the number of documents that a person must submit to perform a notarial act;
✓ automation of a number of processes in the activities of notaries;
✓ effective information interaction between state information resources;
✓ maintaining a notarial archive in electronic form.

Currently, the working group has already prepared a full technical and economic analysis of E-notary. We hope that they will be able to launch the first stage of the "pilot" with an electronic notary's workplace by the end of 2020.


✅ The second step will be a transition to a single notary, which provides for the gradual cessation of state notary offices (today in Ukraine there are 687 such offices). At the same time, a concept of measures has been developed that will guarantee the availability of basic notarial acts for socially vulnerable groups. The number of actions that notaries can perform will also be significantly expanded. The notary will have the right to register marriages, divorces, provide evidence, etc.


✅ The third step will be a self-regulation of the notarial profession. To this end, a number of powers of the body of professional self-government of notaries will be transferred, in particular: to control the organization of notaries, office work, compliance with the rules of the Code of Professional Ethics of notaries, to organize professional development of notaries and to create conditions for citizens from the most remote corners of our country to have access to notarial services.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has already changed the composition of the High Qualification Commission of Notaries - now it consists of only 3 representatives of the Ministry of Justice and 11 private notaries.

Olga Onyschuk noted that the bill on Notarial reform would be submitted to Parliament in early autumn.

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