The standard land lease agreement has been changed

The Government amended the Standard Land Lease Agreement approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 220 of March 3, 2004. The relevant Cabinet Resolution of July 22, 650 entered into force on July 30.

The changes stipulate that in the case of lease of land (land plots) under protective forest strips, which limit the array of agricultural land, there must be specified: 

  • kind,
  • construction,
  • age period,
  • main breed,
  • other characteristics of forest belts.

Measures for the maintenance and storage of forest belts with such characteristics are carried out by the lessee in accordance with the rules established by the Cabinet of Ministers.

In the case of lease of state or communal agricultural land (agricultural land) includes the right of the landlord to require the tenant to maintain soil fertility by conducting at least once every three years inspection of the leased land for compliance with the agrochemical passport of the land.

When leasing plots of reclaimed land and those on which hydraulic reclamation is carried out, the lessee's obligation to invest in the development and modernization of relevant reclamation systems and engineering infrastructure facilities and to promote their proper operation is included.

Also, when renting agricultural land the agreeement may include a requirement for:

  • observance by the lessee of ecological safety of land use;
  • preservation of soil fertility;
  • compliance with state standards, norms and rules in accordance with Article 24 of the Law "On Land Lease";\
  • termination of the lease agreement by its termination in accordance with the requirements of Article 32 of the Law "On Land Lease" in case of non-compliance with this requirement, in particular deterioration of soil cover and other useful properties of the leased area or bringing it unusable for its intended purpose.

In the case of lease of land (agricultural land) (private land) of private ownership, it is recommended in paragraph 7 "Other features of the leased object that may affect the lease" of the agreement to indicate the agrochemical passport of the land (land). Instead, for the lease of state and / or communal lands, the relevant data of the agrochemical passport of the land plot (land plots) must be indicated.

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